Remote Reiki Treatments

Reiki can be given remotely. Distance healing, also known as remote healing, is an energetic healing process that can be best explained through the principles of Quantum physics. It has been proven to be extremely effective, sometimes even more effective than local, hands-on healing.

Why Choose Remote Healing Over Hands-On?

Often the person or animal requesting the healing is not in the same geographical area as the practitioner. Remote healing can be a good option for animals who are skittish about being with strangers or too hyper to sit still.

For humans with busy schedules, remote sessions allow them to benefit from the energy without having to make time to drive to and from the session.

Remote treatments are just as effective as in-person treatments, and can be preferable to hands-on treatments in some instances.

Distance treatments are also quick to schedule. In emergency situations, I can usually offer a distance treatment the same day.